Laura Rich

JWhy did you first get online?
Originally? We had an Apple IIe at home in the early 1980s.
Otherwise, 1993, AOL and Panix.

When did you first get involved with digital and why?
I took over a column at Inside Media, where I was a reporter, covering the digital doings of advertisers, from CD-ROMs to the new websites they were launching.

How would you describe your work and professional interests in the 1990’s (or 80’s etc).
I was a journalist focused on the interactive business of media and advertisers/agencies.

What do you think the future will hold internet/digital?
In other words, what is Web 4.0, 5.0, etc.? I’m excited about the augmented reality stuff we’re starting to see and think that Internet/digital will increasingly meld into our lives in intuitive, instinctual ways.

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